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Curio Catalogs
Here at the Church of Good Luck we LOVE CURIO CATALOGS!  That's why we have devoted so much space to this topic.  There are currently four different catalogs available here, all in glorious high quality scans.  Each catalog was taken apart carefully and each page was scanned front (side A) and back (side B).  The pages are numbered beginning with the front and back cover as 1A and the inside covers as 1B.  The center spread is 8B, 12B or 16B depending on the size of the catalog.  By saving these scans to your computer, printing them on two sides and assembling them in order you will have a complete catalog with all of the pages in the correct order.  Just print a sheet with Page 1A on one side and Page 1B on the other.  Lay it with the 1A side down.  The print Page 2A backed by Page 2B and lay it with the 2A side down on top of the first sheet.  Keep doing this until you have all of the pages printed and fold and staple as you desire. 

NB.- Each project is a little bit different with regard to page orientation, so you will need to experiment to be sure that each page prints correctly. 

This is a great source of information on hoodoo practices and products available by mail order in the early 20th century.  The first three catalogs currently exhibited here are from companies owned by Morton Neumann (King and Sovereign), so, while each catalog is different,  you will notice many overlapping products. 

The fourth catalog is from another Chicago-based company, The Standard O and B Supply Co.  A business reply card for the Juel Company is included in this catalog and it shows the same address as is listed on the O and B order envelope.  Evidently Standard O and B was affiliated with the Juel Company which made a "longer hair system" and possibly other cosmetic products. 

The four catalogs are:

King Curio Company Catalog #45 (1930s)
Sovereign Products Catalog (1930s)
King Curio Company Catalog #87 (1944)
Standard O and B Supply Catalog (1944)

All four of these catalogs are now in the public domain so you may use the images as you wish.

Now view images from the 1931 de Laurence Company Catalog on the following page (sorry, no complete catalog to print!):

de Laurence Catalog Images 1931