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Guest Sermons
Here at the Church of Good Luck we are blessed and Lucky to have a number of members who are also members of the clergy.  There is an open invitation to all of these members to provide Guest Sermons.  New perspectives and fresh viewpoints are an important part of any church.  

The first Guest Sermon is entitled The Psychology of Luck.  It was written by Rev. Julian S. Bradford, II, H.P.  Rev. Bradford is a well-known witch, and is a High Priest as well as ordained minister.  I urge the members to read and reflect on the wisdom contained in his lovely sermon.

The Psychology of Luck by Rev. Julian S. Bradford, II, H.P. 

The second Guest Sermon is entitled The Good Luck Mindset: Yetzer hara and Yetzer hatov.  It was written by Witch Doctor Reuben Mizrachi, Spiritual Counselor.  He is also known simply as Ruby.  Ruby is a witch, a shaman and a psychic.  Please take a moment to read about the ancient astral beings that affect our Luck and try out the prayer that Ruby provides in his wonderful sermon.

The Good Luck Mindset: Yetzer hara and Yetzer hatov by Witch Doctor Ruby Mizrachi


A new member, Mr. Dalton Williamson contributes his thoughts on the topic of Luck as well.  This is from the heart and shows that Mr. Williamson is a true practitioner of the art of changing Luck.


Luck by Mr. Dalton Williamson

Another new member, Miss Devi Spring, has graced us with not one, but TWO thought-provoking sermons.  Please take the time to read and reflect on her writing, and check out the Links page for more information and links to Devi.

Gratitude, Reciprocity and Token of Faith: Priming the Mind, Boday and Spirit for Receiving Good Fortune by Miss Devi Spring

And not only that, but this!:

Cleanliness is Next to Luckiness by Miss Devi Spring

Here is a contribution by Church member Ryan Hatfield.  Rather than the usual sermon format, Ryan contributes a poem called:

To the Luckless


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New: write a Guest Sermon and be entered to win your very own Billiken!  Contest is over  -winner announced here soon!