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Hoodoo Items

Many items are used in hoodoo specifically to increase various kinds of luck.  There are sachets, oils, perfumes, incense, sprays, roots, herbs, mineral and animal curios, and many other things used to increase luck.  These items may be used in various kinds of "tricks", incorporated into mojo bags, used in spells, etc.  Here are just a few of the many items in the materia magica of hoodoo luck work.  


Pictured here are several of the many types of incense burned for Good Luck or used during different types of lucky work.Note the difference between labels of the Lucky Cat powder (2008) above and a vintage label from Lucky Cat incense (circa 1947):

Go here for a whole page on old incenses.


Above is an example of a glass encased candle printed with many lucky symbols and sayings in Spanish and English

Oils, Perfumes and Powders:

Here are several oils, plus a powder, used for increasing luck.  Notice some lucky oil brings "fast" luck - in either single or "triple" strength.  Below are shown a lucky perfume and a bottle of Hoyt's Cologne, another lucky scent:


Here are some genuine old Mo-Jo Brand products made by Morton Neumann's companies back in the 1930s in Chicago.  These are what you would get if you ordered from the famous King Novelty catalog

Here are some lucky roots used in spells, tricks and mojo bags:High John the Conqueror is one of the most famous roots in hoodoo.  Below are a few examples of High John roots along with a bottle of High John oil:

A nice High John root:

Curios for money luck:

Lodestone is the most famous mineral curio used in hoodoo.  Pictured above is a lodestone that is being used to train money for luck in bringing and finding money.  You can see the anvil dust (iron dust) that has been used to feed the lodestone.   

Money in itself can also be lucky, particularly silver Mercury dimes and $2 bills as shown below:

Check out these giant Silver Dimes:

Curios for luck in love:

Above are a set of "matched" lodestones covered in anvil dust.  One is a male and the other a female.  These are used for luck in love and relationships.

Another curio used for luck in love is the penis bone of the raccoon, also known as the coon dong, shown below:

Animal Curios for general good luck:

Another zoological curio famous for bringing Good Luck  (to everyone except the rabbit) is the rabbit's foot, shown above in natural and dyed purple

Finally, a fine example of a hand-made piece of hoodoo folk art - a rattlesnake rattle in an engraved metal case:

The packaging and design of the above items copyright their respective manufacturers (Lucky Mojo Curio Co., Rondo Distribution, Athenian Candle Co., The Lucky Hand Co., Church Goods Co., Caro Oriental Incense Co., Hoyt's Co., and the Church of Good Luck)



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