Church of Good Luck
And Museum of Good Luck
Luck by Dalton
My thoughts about luck are that luck has a lot to do with a strong belief in achieving whatever you set your mind to doing along with a lot of praying.

I also have a lot of superstitions relating to upcoming events which are about to take place in my life. Such as males sneezing in my presence and me hitting my right foot.   So, if certain things prove to go down that path then they are more likely not to turn out the way I would have wanted them to. However, this is different for other people, as my mother has the opposite, with female sneezers and hitting her left foot.
Influencing good luck can vary from person to person, from chanting to having a ritual.  Also having a certain person or object around you which  has proven to be lucky.  This can obviously be established when you have good luck and bad just from trying out different things until they work for you. But believing in what you are doing is paramount. When things are working for you, embrace it fully and share your luck with others - especially the good.
But I feel that everyone can always do more to achieve more luck, which is why it is wonderful to be a part of The Church of Good Luck.

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