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Lucky Items

In most cultures certain items are used to either increase Good Luck or avert bad luck.  These items include amulets, talismans, religious items, tokens, and charms.  They can be as simple as a lucky pebble or as ornate as a vintage charm bracelet.  Certain symbols are used repeatedly and produced as lucky items in a variety of materials, sizes and representations.  Common symbols seen in the USA include the horseshoe, four-leaf clover, wishbone, key, elephant and anchor. 


A Word About the Swastika


A common lucky symbol of the past was the swastika, before the Nazi party unfortunately appropriated it.  From the late 1800s through the early 1900s the swastika was frequently seen on lucky tokens, postcards and other items.  The depiction of swastikas on the Church of Good Luck website is in no way connected to Nazism – it is shown only as a symbol of Good Luck.


Links to Pages


The Church maintains a growing collection of lucky items, many of which are pictured here.  Individual pages include:

·        Lucky coins and tokens

·        Good Luck postcards

·        Lucky horseshoes

·        Lucky jewelry

·        Lucky items used in the practice of hoodoo

·       Miscellaneous Lucky items (oosik, clovers, elephants, etc.)

Be sure to also visit the Billiken and Billiken Lore pages for information on the first Patented God of Good Luck  Also please visit the Lucky Gods  page for information on the 7 Lucky Gods, the Imp-O-Luck and more.




It is recommended that anyone interested in the Church of Good Luck carry or wear a lucky item at all times.