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Making a Fixed Nutmeg
This page describes using a new formula for making a traditional hoodoo Lucky Root.

A new type of Fixed Nutmeg has been developed here in the workshops of the Church of Good Luck.  Fixed Nutmegs were always used to attract general Good Luck and Money Luck in particluar.  People would often wrap them in a piece of currency and carry it in their pocket when gambling.  The problem is that the Fixed Nutmeg is traditionally a whole Nutmeg drilled out, filled with Quicksilver, (or liquid elemental Mercury) and then sealed with wax.  With what we know about Mercury today, this type of Fixed nutmeg is considered hazardous.  In recent years it has become customary to simply carry the Nutmeg unfixed.  Some suppliers claim to sell the Mercury-filled variety and doubtless some people make them as well.  The Church of Good Luck recommends NOT carrying any Lucky charms, including Nutmegs, that contain Mercury.

While researching aspects of hoodoo we came across a reference to an article from the Jourmal of American Folk-Lore written in 1896 by Miss Herron and Alice Bacon.  In it, they mention that Quicksilver is a term that is used to refer to Tin Foil as well as Mercury.  With this in mind, the Church of Good Luck set about to devise a Fixed Nutmeg that would not only be Mercury-Free but would also contain other ingedients that would result in an Extra-Strength Fixed Nutmeg.  This is how the Lucky 7 Brand Fixed Nutmeg was developed.  Please note that this Nutmeg is Not For Sale as this is not a commercial website.  Also, the Nutmeg is currently being field tested by respected professionals who are qualified to evaluate this product.  However, the Church of Good Luck has decided to make a few Fixed Nutmegs, each one completely handmade by Rev. Jim, available on eBay, once testing is complete.  If you are interested please fill out the Contact Form for more information.

Here are some pictures of the making of the Lucky 7 Brand Fixed Nutmeg:

First, Pyrite is broken into fine crystals.                                       Next. Magnetic Lodestone grit is added

The Lodestone is dressed with highest quality Magnetic Sand.  Then Silver filings from a Mercury Dime are added.

Pure foil is used as the Quicksilver.  A large Nutmeg is hollowed out and the mixture of metals in packed inside.

The hole is sealed with Green Wax and the the Nutmeg is dressed with a drop of Hoyt's Cologne.

Additional prayers and operations are used to Fix the Nutmeg.  Finally, it is packaged with a trained $2 bill, a green flannel bag and a set of instructions for using the Nutmeg to gain Good Luck.  Then it is placed on the Drawing Altar here at the Church of Good Luck next to Samson the Lodestone.

The Lucky 7 Brand Fixed Nutmeg is likely to be the finest Fixed Nutmeg made anywhere today.  It is currently being tested by professionals before it is relased to the general public.  Please be patient if you wish to own such a Fixed Nutmeg.