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Sermon #5 - Our Mission

Sermon #5 – We have a Mission Statement!


In recent years, it seems, every organization has developed the all-consuming, over-arching need to have a Mission Statement.  Fortunately our goals have always been clearly stated on our Home Page: “to help people to increase their Good Fortune, to protect the Good Luck they have and to decrease any bad luck that may be troubling them”.   This can be summarized into a three word Mission Statement - to increase happiness.


We have discussed bit about the differences between the Seen and the Unseen, science and magic and belief and knowledge.  I have recommended that each person develop their own beliefs and learn to use religion, magic, symbols and so on.  This week we will discuss why it is important for you to do this, as it is nothing less than a key to happiness.


The Unseen World is the source of both great joy and great sorrow.  Our interactions with Luck, Fate and Fortune are key determinants of our happiness.  In fact, Luck has a disproportionately large effect on our happiness or sorrow when compared to the cause and effect of the Seen World.  If we know the exact causes of our suffering, it somehow lessens the pain compared to the times when we can only ask “Why me?”  And the unexpected pleasure is often even more delicious than the good we know is rightfully ours. 


Having a belief system provides specific ways to relate to the Unknown, and you can use your beliefs to increase your happiness in many ways.  For example, you can practice ways to improve your Luck directly.  Or, your beliefs can help you deal with misfortune as well.  If you share beliefs with others they can serve as the basis for a social network.  Above all, when faced with the discomfort and dangers of the Unseen World, beliefs can provide the explanations we humans crave, an avenue to control the forces of Fortune and a framework to accept the outcomes of Fate.  Of course happiness is never guaranteed, but even when faced with crushing misfortune our beliefs can at least give us the dignity to remain unbowed.  The most damaging effect of the Unknown is the creation of fear, and belief is a weapon we can use to conquer that fear.


Keep in mind that each path, each religion, each system of belief is one of thousands of valid ways to understand and work with the Unseen.  If our experience reinforces our beliefs, then our faith in them grows.  Likewise, if our belief is overwhelmed by adversity we can come to doubt our faith. Even the deepest faith can experience doubt, as Jesus’ words of anguish on the cross show. 


If there were only one true path we would have all gravitated to it by now.  This is essentially what has happened with Science.  Metaphysics has actually gone the other direction, with more paths available than ever before.  Many people hold that all religions are simply roads that all end up at the same place.  This is itself a valid, but not necessarily true belief.


So today we have more choices than ever, to learn and experience any of hundreds of systems of belief.  It is more and more common for people to learn about several religions, undergo multiple initiations or study numerous forms of magical practice.  In fact, it’s quite uncommon today for a person to practice the same beliefs for an entire lifetime Even the mythical “Soccer Mom” may have be confirmed in a Christian church, take a few years of yoga lessons, and pay several visits to a chiropractor, Reiki practitioner, or psychic and so on.  This allows even more flexibility when a person is faced with doubt and maximizes the chances for successful, harmonious outcomes.


So this week’s recommendation is to learn additional belief systems that appeal to you and seem to fit with your being.  Am I recommending that you become a dilettante, flitting from one fashionable belief system to the next?  That’s OK by me - as long as the Church of Good Luck takes a turn as your belief system du jour.  Seriously though, please take some time and really learn and work with each system.  More time spent and attainment of a deeper understanding are signs that you are on a path that is right for you.


In a nutshell:  The Mission of The Church of Good Luck is to Increase Happiness!  Learn and use multiple belief systems to increase your chances of success.

Good Luck Always,
 Rev. Jim


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