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Sermon #1 Seen & Unseen

The Worlds of the Seen and the Unseen


Most people think of the world as the place where they live and work, eat and sleep, interacting with things, other people and nature.  This is the Seen World, where putting chocolate syrup into milk makes chocolate milk, and drinking it begins a process that results in the calcium in the milk being incorporated into your very bones.  Where driving the same roads bring you to the same place.  For the most part, it’s all pretty predictable.  This is the world were cause and effect are well enough understood and big surprises are reserved for birthdays.  While we don’t directly experience it, the Seen World exists for people all over the world and it operates pretty much the same everywhere.  The Seen World is sometimes called Consensus Reality – the commonsense world where if your Mother is alive you can go see her, where candles provide ambiance at dinner, and if you are served your favorite dish you’re happy.


Parallel with the Seen World is Unseen World.  It’s the place where unknown forces act in mysterious ways to shape the Seen World.  Actually the Unseen World (as well as the Seen World) may be made up of many worlds, and we may consider some of those at a  later date.  But for now, let’s imagine some of the materials from which the Unseen World is made: metaphysical things, like Gods and Demons and spirits of the dead; emotions like love, hope and fear; thoughts of the future and memories of the past; intentions for good and ill; everything possible and impossible - it’s all there. The Unseen World is sometimes called the World of Potentials because it contains the seeds of all possibilities.


Most people focus on the Seen World because that is where they think they live.  It’s much safer and more comfortable than the unpredictable Unseen World.  The problem is this: we can’t avoid living in both worlds, simultaneously, all of the time.  Many people realize this.  Some devote themselves to working at the edges of the Seen World, reaching into the Unseen to bring it under our control.  These are the scientists, the researchers and the inventors. 


Others live completely in the Unseen World – madmen, mystics and saints whose lives we cannot fathom.  Then again, there are those who live mainly with the rest of us, but gain an understanding of how to work with the Unseen.  They delve deep to work with it directly, sometimes even attempting to manipulate the Seen World through the practice of arcane arts.  These are the occultists, root doctors and reverends.  Here your Mother need not be alive for you to visit her, that candle may be a beacon sending a message into the world of spirit, and your favorite dinner dish may have a hint of a strange aftertaste. 


Here at the Church of Good Luck we are primarily interested in understanding and working with the Unseen World in order to increase our happiness.  We know that the road we drive to work each morning is crowded with sleepy truckers and cell phone-distracted minivan drivers who could crash into us at any moment.  We know that our little nest egg is vulnerable to market downturns and our job could be done cheaper offshore.  On the other hand...there is that cute new guy or girl that the temp agency sent over yesterday.  And that potential new client who maybe just needs a little more attention to win over.  Or that new responsibility that fell into your lap after the last downsizing.  What are you going to do today to decrease the bad and increase the good?


The Seen World answers are clear.  You drive defensively, you work hard, and you make sure you’re presentable and polite.  But why not get a boost?  Many people who wouldn’t enter a casino without their lucky gambling charm or wouldn’t play poker without elaborate rituals go off to work without any sort of magical assist at all.  Believe me, your work is a much riskier environment than the casino.  At the casino you are only going to lose what you have in your pocket.  At work you can lose your job, which means not only everything you have in your pocket now, but also everything you will have until you find another job. 


This week’s message in a nutshell is this: always, ALWAYS, give yourself a boost by working with the Unseen World.  Carry a lucky charm or a mojo hand, burn a candle for success, whisper a Psalm, say a prayer.  Go ahead and be superstitious.  But don’t be compulsive or let it limit you.  Rather, use it to focus your intention and attention and attraction.  Use your unseen work to expand your possibilities into the World of Potentials.

Good Luck Always,

Reverend Jim

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