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Sermon #4 The Master Key

The Master Key


Who doesn’t love the Master Key?  It’s been used for decades and has been the subject of many wonderful books of hidden lore by Gamache, de Laurence, Haanel and others.  Mysterious symbols have their own gravitational fields that draw you in by generating fascination and wonder, a sense of the unknown and a promise of hidden knowledge.  Symbols represent meanings.  Many symbols contain information organized in a hierarchical manner that allows a variety of communications depending on the level of knowledge and belief of the individual.  The Master Key, in particular, represents a key that can be used to unlock meanings.  In fact, the Master Key is like a meta-symbol: it is used to unlock the understanding contained within other symbols. 


The secret of the Master Key was introduced in Sermon #1 about the Worlds of the Seen and Unseen. To recap: there are two basic worlds - the Unseen World where all possibilities exist (the World of Potentials) and the Seen World, which is the physical universe we experience.  Since the Unseen World contains all possibilities, there have been many systems devised to help people understand and work with it.  These systems often describe a world of undifferentiated material or energy that works its way through the process of becoming physical matter.  This is sometimes described as the act of creation whereby God makes the world. 


An example is Kabbalah, where the Tree of Life symbolizes the ten emanations that begin with Kether (the will of God) and flow downward to Malkuth (the Kingdom of this universe).  Another example is the Chakras, which illustrate the movement of energy through seven centers of the body, with Sahasrara at the top of the head representing pure consciousness or nirvana, and Muladhara near the anus representing Earth or physical existence.  Many systems speak of the Seven Rays or Seven Days to describe the process of creation.  Other systems have specific Gods or Spirits who each rule aspects of the Unseen World such as the land of the dead or the intersections between worlds.  All of these systems are symbolic descriptions that provide information on the geography and processes of the Unseen World.  Of course this is not to suggest that the Gnostic Pleroma is the equivalent of Nirvana.  Since the Unseen contains all possibilities there are many different approaches that are only equivalent in the respect that each is valid.


Each system has symbols that can have complex, multi-layered meanings.  These symbols can be used to categorize phenomena to help understand it and work with it.  Examples include the cards of the Tarot, the signs, planets and houses of astrology, the veves of Voodoo, cosmograms and talismans of all sorts.  These provide the maps and diagrams of the Unseen. 


Often the systems that provide these symbolic maps also provide a set of practices that help the initiate learn to navigate the Unseen World.  The practices of yoga, ceremonial magic, meditation, prayer, fasting and so on engage the mind, body and emotions to provide experience in working with the Unseen.


Since Luck represents our experience of interacting with the unknown, we can benefit by studying these symbolic systems.  In fact, most of the methods used to influence Luck are intended to work in the Unseen Worlds.  We knock on wood to distract the tree spirit from interfering, or we cross our fingers when we lie so that it may be easily undone.  More complex systems of action such as hoodoo reach deep into the Unseen world to forge magical links that can provide unseen influence on another person, or work with the spirits of the dead to protect or harm, or use the spirit of a root to tip the odds in favor of a gambler. 


It is suggested that everyone interested in influencing Luck learn at least one traditional system for working with the Unseen.  Understanding the principles, symbols and practices of such a system will provide a basis for attempting to alter the balance of Luck in your favor.


In a nutshell:  the Master Key is a symbol of the key to understanding the Unseen World.  Understanding the Unseen and how to work it is the goal of religion and occult practice.  The study and practice of these traditional systems offers an important avenue to influencing Luck. 

Good Luck Always,

Rev. Jim 

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