Church of Good Luck
And Museum of Good Luck
What is a Church without a sermon?  That is meant to be rhetorical, so there is no need to answer "a much less boring place!"  In an attempt to balance all of the fluffy photo content here, visitors are encouraged to read one or more sermons to get a good strong dose of Church. 

Sermon are numbered and visitors are encouraged to read them in order, although each sermon deals with a stand-alone topic some of the terms may have been defined in earlier sermons.

For ease of use, each sermon has a "message in a nutshell" at the end which summarizes the main points.  Visitors may chose to read the nutshell first and decide if it is worth their while to read all that precedes it.  Either way, comments are always welcome!

Say No To Karma!

Sermon #1 The Seen and Unseen Worlds

Sermon #2 Knowledge and Belief (and how to tell the difference)

Sermon #3  What Is Magic?

Sermon # 4 The Master Key

Sermon # 5 Our Mission Statement!

Sermon #6 Does Magic Work? (and if so why?)

Sermon #7 - Try Again!

Good Luck Always,

Reverend Jim

Want to try something New and Different?  Try reading a Guest Sermon!  Some of the finest in metaphysical thought is to be found right here at the Church of Good Luck.