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Sovereign Project
This is another Do-It-Yourself Curio Catalog Project:

You can use the following high-quality scans to print your own Sovereign Products Curio Catalog from the 1930s.  Each scan is about 3.5MB and each page contains the front and back for a sheet.  That makes each page about 7MB so be sure you have a broadband connection! 

Each page has two scans that are the front and back of a sheet.  For example, the page named Sovereign Page 1A & 1B contains the front and back of the sheet that contains the front and back outside covers (1A) and inside covers (1B).  Each sheet is folded in half so it contains four pages, two pages per side.  There are 16 sheets total which gives a 64 page catalog. 

Just right click the pictures to download them to your computer and print them on both sides of the paper: 1A is backed by 1B, 2A is backed by 2B etc.  It helps alignment if each image is centered on the page before printing. Be sure each side has the same top and bottom edges. 

Then trim the pages as desired and fold them in half.  Finally, assemble the catalog by putting 1A face down, 2A face down on top of it, etc. up to sheet 16 and staple in the center.  All of the pages should now be in the correct original order.  You can verify the page order because there are page numbers on most of the original pages.  Your completed catalog will be almost like reading the real thing from the 1930s! 

If you haven't done it yet, you can also make your own King Curio Catalog from 1944.

On to Sovereign Page 1A & 1B