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4/7/13 - Check out the new additions to the Lucky Gods page.  There is a rare Imp-O-Luck ashtray and a link to the design patent for it too.  Also a new fellow called Alibi Ike- the God of Excuses was added to the pantheon.  Be sure to check out the bottle of Lucky Buddha beer shown on that page, and at the bottom you can see the small Billiken that Rev. Jim wears around his neck.  A new, actually very old, coin was added to the Tokens and Coins page, and a new lucite pyramid to the Miscellaneous Items page.

3/10/13  -Well it has been awhile but hopefully this will be worth the wait.  Two new pages have been added.  The first of these is Original Billiken.  This page contains the very first stories featuring Billiken from back in 1907.  As you may already know, Billiken did not begin life as a plaster figurine, let alone a "charm doll" as wikipedia claims- he was originally a Canadian fairy.  Long before the Shriners co-opted him for the Royal Order of Jesters, and long before the Jesuits drafted him to be the St. Louis University mascot, Billiken was happily flitting about the countryside near Winnipeg.  Witness here the birth of a God in case you don't know Billiken's true history.  The second new page is about Billiken's mother Miss Florence Pretz, again from our favorite Canadian magazine.

7/6/12 - Finally an update and contest results.  And the winners are: Solomon W from Senegal wins the Billiken statuette and Julian B and Vernell M from the US of A win custom-made Billiken tea/coffee mugs.  The entries for this contest are really interesting, so please go to the new page dedicated to Lucky Beliefs to read what Church members from around the world have to say about Luck.

One reason for the delay in completing this contest -  we moved in May.  Actually we began the move in May and it took some time to get organized in the new location.  Despite the hassles of moving it has been worth it  -the new place is really nice.  We are now located in the neighboring town of Mundelein, Illinois, which is the next town east of our old location in Wauconda, Illinois.  We are keeping the old address and phone number though because the new location is secret!  That's right - the Church of Good Luck is now a secret base run from an undisclosed location.  And just when you thought we couldn't get any more awesome!  Of course, if any members ever actually want to visit please send Rev. Jim an email with your request.  Perhaps some photos will be posted at a future date.

4/28/12 - Well I guess it wasn't exactly soon, but finally we are announcing a New Contest!  Here is your chance to win a cool Billiken idol or an even cooler custom Billiken COGL mug.  Just send in an example of a belief you have about luck an you will be entered a drawing to win.  Please check the page for rules and enter by May 15th.

Also several pages have been updated.  There are pics of a new Lucky God (well lucky imp, actually) on the Lucky Gods page.  On the hoodoo items page there are several original old Lucky Mo-Jo items from back in the King Curio days.  Two new incenses have been added to the vintage incense page and a new horseshoe is up in horseshoes (of course).  A few new items can be found toward the bottom of the Miscellaneous Items page and an old version of the original Lucky M-Jo coin is included on Tokens and Coins.

And there are two new Billiken items, a somewhat creepy old doll head and a wonderful Paye and Baker charm that was kindly donated by Mary G (thanks Mary!).  See them on the Billiken backgrounder page.

1/8/12 Links were updated and several pages were edited.  Keep your checking back though - a new contest will be announced soon!

8/26/11 Several updates to share - first of all is wonderful news.  The Church of Good Luck has received a generous endowment from an anonymous benefactor that should cover all ongoing Church expenses for the foreseeable future.  As a result the Church will no longer accept donations or gifts of money.  All prayer requests and setting lights at the weekly candle service will be free of charge to members and the general public.  To our knowledge we are only the second Church in history to be be completely non-commercial (the first being the FCLL in San Francisco).  The donation button has been permanently removed from this website.  Of course your prayers and good wishes are always appreciated.

Secondly  -MAJOR NEWSFLASH!  Billiken is Canadian!!!  you heard it here first.  Actually you will need to read it -it's in the revised Billiken History article.  And for those of you who read the entire thing there is a special treat waiting for you.

Beyond that, there are a couple of new Lucky Tokens, including the one that people used to get with orders to the Sovereign Curio Company.  Also a couple of new lucky Miscellaneous Items including a wonderful lucite pyramid.  Plus some new pictures and information on The Hindu incense Manufacturing Company on the hard-to-find vintage and antique Incense page. Check that one out for lots of good images.

7/24/11  A major new piece on Billiken is up: Billiken History.  This article details, for the first time, information about how Billiken became a worldwide phenomenon.   Also there are updates and new images on the Lucky Gods page and the  Miscellaneous Lucky Items page (a lucky knife!),  Also, on the Lucky Coins and Token page is a new token that was pictured on the cover of the book "11 Keys to Power".

5/1/11 The Lucky Quote Contest is over.  Thanks to all who entered.  Please take a look at the quotes, sayings and proverbs that were entered on the new Quotes and Sayings page. Also check the Quote Contest page to see who won the Grand Prize.  Of course everyone who entered will be receiving a prize  -thanks to all!

3/6/11  First of all - apologies to people who were looking here for new things and not finding them.  All of the news that used to be included here was old news, so from now on this page will only include the last few most recent updates.

So, the first big news today is the founding of the Museum of Good Luck.  The Museum is a sister site to the Church of Good Luck and it has two departments.  One department contains information and images of lucky items and the other contains the archive of old curio catalogs. 

Along with this new organization, the navigation has been updated with the intent that will be a bit less random.  There are well over 100 pages of content here, with blind alleys and rabbit holes galore.  The division of the website into Church and Museum is intended to make it easier to find related content using the navigation bar located on the top of each page.  Please send your feedback  - it's always welcome.

Beyond that, a few small changes and updates have been made.  There is a large backlog of items waiting to be catalogued in the Museum, so check back for more updates soon!