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The Good Luck Mindset: Yetzer hara and Yetzer hatov

LUCK: don't we all need some GOOD LUCK ?  But how can we receive some of that good luck when we really need it ?  This sermon will focus on the good luck mindset .


The good luck mindset, what is it all about ?  Every person is  ruled by what In  Hebrew is called  "Yetzer hara" and " Yetzer hatov".  In free translation that's: " the evil inclination " and "the good inclination ".  Both are powerful astral creatures, older then humanity


"The evil inclination " has been known since ancient times as the “Old Imbecile King”.  He worries all the time on things connected to his being, and that is how you recognize him.  His name - Old Imbecile King - refers to his need for getting respect and be approved by others (King),  and the feelings he lives on : “I'm not smart enough, I'm worthless, I cant be loved, I'll never get what I want, I'm not good enough (Imbecile), and “I'm afraid, I'm old, I don’t have the power to do it like I used too, I'm depressed, I'm desperate, I cant see a way out of this mess” (Old).  But since he is older then humanity (just like many daemons) he is one step ahead of human beings!


This “Yetzer hara" also puts paranoid fear in our hearts.  It makes you think that everybody is out to get you, making you think that this woman gives you the evil eye, or this man put a curse on you.  Although someone might actually put an evil eye on you or curse you it will only affect you because you are comparing yourself to others by thinking :" this man /woman don’t like me, why do they hate me? I never did them wrong…am I that unlovable? Am I that worthless? Am I strong enough to resist the effect of their curse?"


Many mental health problems and the agony that they bring comes from comparing yourself to others.  When you compare yourself to other people in order to find where you stand, the only thing it gives you is pride or depression, vanity or anger and hate.  All are the work of  the evil inclination (that Old Imbecile King).  Especially when a man or woman gets depressed, when they fall into despair or weakness because they are comparing themselves to others!


Know this : all the conditions you have in your life right now are there because Spirit wants them to be there for you.   Take an honest look at your life now, and you'll see that the areas in which you have strong faith everything flows great.  But in areas in your life that you need to strengthen your faith you experience fears and blocks which are the work of the evil inclination.


Think about it: if you were the only person alive you would be happy with your gains and you would cherish them.  But when you compare your life to other people you can never be truly happy.  When we fall for the evil inclination scam, it takes us far away from the " good inclination ", so we loose our faith, and become spiritually blocked.  Then no good or lucky being is able to come near us, or even hear our prayers.


So what do we need to do ? My favorite method is :


1.      Be resolute about what I think regarding my actions, and refusing to apologize if I know I'm in the right. There is no need to debase oneself if you know you're doing your best or what’s right.

2.      Be clear and ask myself: "is this action serving my higher purpose?"


In Hebrew we say "sof  ma-ase  be-mach-shava  te-chila".  That means one must think of the outcome or result before he begins doing any work!  For example, let's say you think you want to learn computer engineering.  That's a nice respectable profession.  But  wait a minute…hold on…take a deep breath and imagine the outcome!  Imagine you are now a graduate in computer engineering, and you finally have a certificate to prove it! You are a computer engineer!  Great job, by the way, good money…but… is it making you happy and satisfied?  Or are you not really feeling satisfied because you're in it just for the money and you'll  probably go and learn something else after it?

If you just do it for the money, or for the respect, or maybe for fame and power? Then STOP! NOW!  It is not your life purpose!!!
  It is called "working from pride" or "looking for approval from others ".  You should know that the God/Goddess/Ancestors will take care of your  finances.  They are the only providers and they don’t really need you to make any effort.. They just need you to follow their guidance.  So have strong faith that Spirit has "got your back" and choose the profession that you really want to learn.  I assure you the Spirits will support you, and provide you with all the goods you need, and much  more . This is "sof maase bemachshve tecila" -think of the outcome result before you start.


In conclusion:

  • always stay on the "strong faith" mode
  • never let "yetzer hara" to get the best of you
  • never compare yourself to other people
  • think of the outcome before you act


Then you'll always be lucky and happy and your life will be an easy life .  When times are hard and you face "Yetzer hara" then put your hands in prayer position and pray to your Spirit.  Pray happy and loud so "Yetzer hara" will hear you loud and clear: "Times are hard and I am thankful for that.  Thank you God/Goddess/Spirit!  Thank you!  I did not receive what I wanted and I am happy and thankful for that! For only you, Spirit, knows what's best for me, thank you for loving me that much!  I know, Spirit, that if you deny me of that thing it was not good for me.”


Only Spirit can see the big picture.  That is why Spirit gives you the chance to come in prayer, to strengthen your faith, to say thanks for what you have.  To have some "Soul Observance " about what you say and do ,and to ask for what you want to receive . So you can live my life purpose, and be happy and fulfilled.  Now be happy and try to continue with your life.  Pray everyday and offer thanks.  With your prayer you will nourish Spirit and all the good angels and they will all come to your aid.  Remember also to make the right magickal spells to move on quickly to continue your life sans the interference. Let none stop you, or turn you aside!  You will see it was all for the best.


That is it for now