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Chinese Parable: 

An old man by the name of Chunglang, which means “Main Rocks”, had a small ranch in the mountains. One day, he lost one of his horses. His neighbors expressed their condolences for this misfortune. But the old man asked them: “Why do you think that is a misfortune? ”

And it came to pass that a few days later the animal returned, followed by an entire herd of wild horses. Again the neighbors appeared, this time to congratulate him on his good fortune. But the old man replied: “Why do you think that is good fortune?”

With so many horses to train, the son of the old man developed a passion for horsemanship.  But one beautiful day, he was thrown from a wild horse and he broke his leg badly. Once again, the neighbors expressed their sympathy and again the old man replied: “Why do you think that is an unhappy accident? ”

The following year, an Imperial Commission arrived on the mountain. They had come to recruit strong men to become footmen to carry the Emperor’s chair. The son of the old man, lame from his broken leg, was not selected. Chunglang could not supress a smile…

–      Excerpt from Herman Hesse, “In Praise of Old Age”

We thank you for visiting.  This website is home to two organizations: the Church of Good Luck and the Museum of Good Luck.

The Church of Good Luck is dedicated to furthering the theology and technology of Luck.  We have three goals: to help people to increase their Good Fortune, to protect the Good Luck they have and to decrease any bad luck that may be troubling them.   

The Museum of Good Luck contains many images here of lucky objectscoins, tokens and other items that are believed to bring luck.  We welcome all communications from people who are interested in the topic of luck. We hope you enjoy your visit and Best of Luck to you! 

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