The Blessing Ritual is used for increasing Good luck and attracting positive influences.  This simple ritual is based on the ancient practice of anointing, or rubbing oil into the skin.  In preparation for this ritual you may want to first perform Ablution and/or Confession, although this is not required.  Blessing can really be done at any time. 


The only material needed is some lucky oil or blessing oil.  You can make your own oils of various types if you know how.  Alternatively, you can purchase lucky oils from a spiritual supplier such as Lucky Mojo Curio Company.  They offer many oils that can be used to attract general as well as specific types of luck.  The other types of oil that can be used, blessing or holy oils such as 7-11 Holy-Type Oil are also available.  Although it is not recommended, and is not very aesthetic, in a pinch you can use a bit of olive oil.  If you ever need to use plain olive oil be sure to pour a small amount into a bowl or cup and pray over it and ask that it be sanctified for your use.  This is also recommended with purchased oils even though the manufacturer may have already done so.


  1. Take a drop on oil on the tip of each index finger and rub it into your temples on each side, right and left.  
  2. As you do this, say the following words (or something similar as the spirit directs you) either silently or out loud – “I perform this Blessing and call all good luck and positive influences to help me in every way”.  If you need a specific bit luck you can ask for that as well, eg. “Give me extra good luck at work today”.
  3. Put a drop of oil on your right index finger, touch your fingertips and thumb together to moisten them with oil, and beginning at the fingertips of your left hand rub the oil upward across the back of your left hand to the to the wrist.
  4. As you do this think or say “Good Luck –COME TO ME!”
  5. Do the same with the other hand, moistening your left fingertips with a drop of oil and rubbing it across the back of the right hand from fingertips up to the wrist, thinking or saying “Good Luck –COME TO ME!” 
  6. When you are done think or say,  “Now I am Blessed.  In the Name of the Billiken, Amen!”