Ablution – A ritual for the removal of bad luck

Removing bad luck through Ablution is a fundamental sacrament of the Church.  The Ablution process consists of washing, both physically and spiritually, the forearms and hands.  This ritual can be carried out as often as it is felt to be needed, but should be performed at least weekly.  If only done once per week Sunday is the preferred day to perform the ritual.  Many people like to perform Ablution daily, either in the morning or evening.  Here are the complete instructions:

  1. Gather together the following items at a convenient sink – a clean towel, soap and cologne or perfume.  If possible the towel should be white, but any color will do.  The soap should be a bar soap (such as Dove or Ivory) as opposed to a liquid.  Extra effectiveness is noted with spiritual soaps such a Octagon, Black and White, Florida Water Soap, etc. The cologne may be any variety whose smell is pleasing to you.  Colognes with known spiritual powers such as Hoyt’s, Florida Water, etc. work well.  Pull up your sleeves so that your arms are bare from the elbows down.
  2. Say the following words (or something similar as the spirit directs you) either silently or out loud – “I perform this Ablution to remove any and all bad luck, jinxes, crossed conditions or negative influences”.  Run your forearms and hands under the water as you say this.
  3. Put some cologne in the palm of your right hand and, beginning at the elbow, with a sweeping motion rub it down the backside of your forearm, over your wrist and over the back of your hand all the way past your fingertips.  Then do the same motion on the inside of the forearm, down across the wrist and palm and past the ends of your fingertips.  Then put cologne in the palm of your left hand and do the same to your right forearm and hand.  As you do this think or say “Bad luck – BE GONE!”
  4. Rinse your arms and hands under the water.  The take the bar of soap and rub it down each forearm and hand as you did with the cologne thinking or saying “Bad luck – BE GONE!”
  5. Rinse your forearms and hands well, being careful that your movements are always down and away from you as you rinse off the soap.
  6. Take the towel and rub each forearm and hand, left then right.  Again, be sure to rub downward.  When you are done think or say,  “Now I am Clean.  In the Name of the Billiken, Amen!”

This same Ablution can also be adapted to the lower legs and feet by using a bathtub, shower or washtub.  Sometimes, however, there is just too much bad luck accumulated and a more complete whole body spiritual cleansing is needed.  Other times there are specific cleaning requirements that require a specific wash or bath.  In such cases, there are a number of high-quality products available at Lucky Mojo Curio Company that incorporate such powerful ingredients as hyssop, dead sea salt, and other herbs and minerals.  They also sell Hoyt’s Cologne and other products mentioned on this page.  The staff is glad to offer specific recommendations for cleansing products.