What is the Church of Good Luck?

The Church of Good Luck is a non-denominational Church devoted to the theology, philosophy and practice of Good Luck.  The Church is internet-based with a physical presence in Illinois, USA.  Being internet-based allows the doors to always remain open and also allows people from all over the world to join together in fellowship.

How can I join the Church of Good Luck?

Anyone can request membership in the Church – the only statement of belief that is common to all members is this: “Billiken is the God of Things as They Ought To Be”.  For more information on Billiken please visit the Billiken page, the Billiken History page and the Billiken Lore pages.  Membership requests can be made via secure server by following this link to our contact page.  All membership requests much include your name and address.

Church Services and Other Information

The Church provides a prayer service for members and non-members alike.  A weekly candle service is held in Illinois for special cases and those who request a light be set for them.  There is no charge for these services.  To submit a prayer request via either secure server or private email please click here and leave your request.  No contact information is required, although prayers are more effective if we include your name.

For lots of information and inspiration please visit our sermons.  There are many sermons written by our Head Pastor Rev. Jim as well as many guest sermons written by members of the Church.  Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.  Basic information on the nature of Luck is contained on the pages Theology and About Luck.  For those who wish to perform easy rituals to enhance luck, a few handy ones can be found on the Rituals page.

Our sister site, the Museum of Good Luck provides information and images of Lucky items, coins, jewelry, horseshoes and lots of other lucky charms and objects.  Of special interest to Church members is the Museum section on Lucky Gods. The Museum also maintains an archive of old curio catalogs, containing public domain images of spiritual supplies and more for your research and use.  We hope you enjoy your visit.