Lucky Beliefs

Here are the Lucky Beliefs that were submitted by Church members from around the world as entries in the Lucky Belief Contest.  Many thanks to everyone who shared their beliefs!

   I think Luck is influenced by what we do or don’t do: like helping someone you may see having a hard time with their groceries or offering to help a disabled person who may be having difficulty entering a building.  On the other hand if you see someone having problems with one thing or another that may have an adverse effect on whether you have good luck, bad luck or no luck at all.

Rev. Ray W.

Kansas, USA

   One set of religious writings says that you reap as you sow.  Others speak of karma, stating that what you do sets spiritual things into motion which are often seen as repayment of your deeds. I have often thought that luck, be it good or bad, may very well be part of our karmic experience.  Do right, have good luck; do ill, encounter bad luck.  While it may sound simplistic I truly believe it may be in the line of possibility.

Rev. Julian B.

California, USA

   I am of the belief that a positive mental attitude combined with positive action greatly increases my good luck. I expect good things to happen and by doing so I feel it releases positive vibes into the atmosphere.

   I also carry a good luck coin, a two dollar bill, a picture of Billiken and my COGL membership card in my wallet at all times, which I feel helps ward off bad luck.

Rev. Aaron J.

Illinois, USA

   On the first of every month when I wake up, I would say “White Rabbit” to bring me luck for the month.

Sterling W.

New Jersey, USA

   One of my beliefs concerning Luck is: Luck is a force that brings good fortune or adversity.

Solomon W.

Dakar, Senegal

   One of my sharpest beliefs about luck: not to ignore that which presents itself.  Rather than going out of my way to seek luck, I am careful to pay attention to instances when luck comes looking for me.  Believing that luck walks near brings luck to you!

Adam W.

Tennessee, USA

   I believe when you want good luck to shine in your life despite the energy of negative family members, your consciousness must hover over the crown portion of your head when focusing on your good luck request.

Manuel B.

New Jersey, USA

   It’s bad luck to put your purse on the floor!  Your money luck will be bad.  Hahaha…I had to invest in some purse hangers, but I never let it sit on the floor.

Maryam R.

Virginia, USA

  I carry a Kola Nut and pray that day will be my lucky day, especially when I get a sign for my right hand. But any day I get a sign for my left hand, I know that day will be a bad day. I will avoid going far, because if I do something strange may happen.

Hyginus U.

Calabar, Nigeria

   I believe that dropping your keys more than twice on the way out the door is bad luck.

   I carry my lucky rabbits’ foot on my keychain for good luck and safety.

   I believe my small chihuahua figurine is lucky.

Kurt B.

California, USA

   In the middle ages, superstitious beliefs developed connecting to body itching and good luck.  Those beliefs have been adopted into Judaism too, so a lot of different itches symbolized a lot of different things:

   If your left foot itches -you need to go somewhere you haven’t been for a long time.

If your right palm itches, you’ll get money soon, but if your left palm itches, you’ll pay money soon. 

   If your right ear itches you’ll receive good news, but if your left ear itches it means bad news.

If your nose itches then you’ll have a fight or a quarrel with someone (who probably has a nose itch at the same time too).
   Of course antidotes were invented to solve problematic itches.  For example:
   The Polish Jews believe that if your nose itches and it symbolizes a quarrel with someone, then you should ask someone to smack your right palm , so as to take the away the power of this cursed itch. (And if no one is around then you will do good to hit yourself with your left palm).

Ruben M.

Arad, Israel

   It has been my longstanding belief that to kill a spider in your home is bad luck so I never do.

Joe H.

Illinois, USA

   Basically, I so much believe in luck and it plays an important part in everyone’s life.  We are inevitably at the mercy of luck; it has a firm hold on all our lives.

Godwin E.

Kakuri, Nigeria

   Find a penny pick it up all the day I’ll have good luck! (Only if the penny is heads side up…otherwise I leave it on the ground).  I have been doing this all my life. The last penny I picked up in this manner was just the other day!

Kirstin J.

Oregon, USA

   I believe everyone is born with good luck. This luck changes or stays the same depending on the thought form of the parents, family and friends.  If a child is exposed to a lot of negative thinkers, their outlook on life will be the same and they will draw bad luck to themselves.
   On the other hand if the majority of friends, family and parents are positive thinkers, the same with the child, which will draw good luck to themselves and others around them into adult hood, just as will the above negative thinker, until someone shows them different and they follow instructions.
   Besides the above, growing up, I was told if your life is not what you would like it to be, that is HARD LUCK because I can always change it. BAD LUCK is when you’re dead and can’t change a thing.

Vernell M.

Florida, USA

   In my Tribe and Clan, there is an ancient and virtually instinctive need to seek out black cats, all black, without a single white hair, and try to keep them about one’s kumpania by ‘adopting’ them.  Whereas it would be more that a life was worth even to allow a white cat (again, all white, no other color fur or whiskers at all) to cross our path, let alone to tolerate one hanging about the campsite.

Marja M.

California, USA



Sylvanus O.

Lagos, Nigeria

   My definition of luck is that it is a good fortune which occurs beyond one’s control, without regards for one’s intention or desired result.  A lot of times things happen and we call it good luck, but it is supernatural and that are forces from the gods or spirits which I call good luck.

Joyceson Y.

Connecticut, USA

   Luck is increased by how much you put out there and how much you allow from the world to come in.  I’ve seen your contests many times and imagined winning a prize, yet I haven’t responded to a single e-mail.  How odd, I’ve never won!  So, the first step is to put yourself out there.  Let the world know your intentions. 

   A couple of days ago I really wanted a car so that I could get some amazing things my friend was giving away.  I couldn’t think of a friend that had a car I could borrow (there are few young people with cars in San Francisco).  Still, I figured I could Tranifest (like Manifest) a car.  I got on a social networking site and asked. BAM! Five minutes later I Tranifested (like manifested) a car!   So, luck has a lot to do with how you accept things in your path, but it’s that initial push, vocalizing your intention, that increases your overall luck.

Rik L.

California, USA