Welcome to the Museum of Good Luck

The Museum of Good Luck contains images of objects used to create, increase, and maintain Good Luck.  The items shown here are for information only – they are not for sale.

The Museum is divided into two main departments: Lucky Items and Curio Catalogs.

The Lucky Items area is divided into several sections: including good luck coins, lucky jewelry, horseshoes, postcards and more.

A good starting place for your tour of this department is the Lucky Items page which provides an additional introduction to the Museum as well as convenient navigation to the various sections. 

The Curio Catalog department has high resolution scans of fours complete curio catalogs from the classic era of spiritual supplies between WWI and WWII.  The images there are all in the public domain and are provided for your research, enjoyment and use courtesy of the Museum of Good Luck.

In addition, there are several images from the famed de Laurence Company catalogs of the 1930s.  Please note that these images are not public domain.