Here are some people and places we recommend:

Reverend E.M. Camarena’s “Magick Works”

This is the website of the inimitable Rev. Camarena – distinguished author, occult bon vivant,  tarot expert, and multi-talented Reverend to the Stars.  This is a “Four -Star’ website.  Also check out his blog for more of the wit and wisdom of the good Rev.

Reverend Camarena’s Website

Najah Lightfoot Bagley
Sometimes even an ol’ rootworker like Rev. Jim needs someone to do a little something for himself or his family.  They say any Doctor who works on himself has a fool for a patient and we agree.  That’s why we recommend Najah Lightfoot Bagley’s Craft and Conjure for service that goes above and beyond.  Tell her Rev. Jim sent you!\

The Lucky Temple

If you’re looking for spell craft info, hoodoo product reviews or Tarot readings and books, be sure to check out Talia’s smart and entertaining websites.  Talia’s blog, The Spellcaster’s Source, is here .

We also recommend Talia’s books: “The Cartomancer’s Key” is a helpful guide to the Tarot and the cards.  Her little volume “Death and Destruction: How to Cast Magic Spells for Vengeance, Harm &c” is a handy little guide to death and destruction spells.  We also recommend her book The Conjure Cookbook – a handy resource for traditional hoodoo style recipes and formulas.  You never know when you might need them!  Buy them all at her Amazon store.

Miss Devi Spring
Is Miss Devi Spring a Village Witch, an old-time Conjure Woman, a New Age healer or a Spiritual Teacher?  She’s all that – and more!   First, read her Guest Sermons here at the COGL.  Then check out her websites and blogs, (or visit her studio in Toronto).  Just click these Links:

Gnostic Conjure
St. Balthazar (aka Chad) has a thought-provoking and intelligent blog that you should really read!  Recommended!!!