Hoodoo is a form of traditional folk magic that developed in the US African-American community beginning in the 1800s. Hoodoo is also known by the names rootwork or conjure. Hoodoo is a form of practice and is not a religion (like Voodoo). In fact, most practitioners have historically been Protestant Christians. Many of the practices have their origin in Africa, particularly central Africa areas such as the Congo. Practices from other traditions have also been incorporated, such as Native American herbalism, European ceremonial magic, German Wonder Book, Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wow and others.

The Church of Good Luck has chosen this system as its primary technology for influencing Luck for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

Influencing Luck has played a major role in the practice of hoodoo for generations
The goals in hoodoo are practical and straightforward – Luck, money, success, health, etc.
The practice is in tune with nature and allows the practitioner to learn about, communicate with and utilize various plants, herbs, roots and other natural materials
The candles and incense, oils and perfumes, curios and roots, Psalms and prayers, provide an aesthetic and enjoyable experience
The spirit world and the dead, ancestors in particular, are communicated with and honored
Some of the basic principles of sympathetic magic likely stretch back across the millennia to our early ancestors
Only in hoodoo do you get to carry a real, authentic mojo bag
Everything is available mail-order to your own location
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