Bad Luck and Sin

Think about your sins with regard to these three categories: 

  1. Did chance play a role in the way things turned out?  Could your sin have been avoided if something different had happened?   [Example – your coworker could have rejected rather than accepted your advances.]
  2. Were any circumstances related to the sinful act beyond your control?  Were you in the wrong place at the wrong time? [Example – no one was watching so you stole something.]
  3. Did your upbringing, natural traits, genetic traits or other factors of your personal makeup that are beyond your control play a role in this sinful act?  Could you just not help it?  [Example – you have a bad temper so you hit someone.]

If any of these factors apply then you are simply a victim of bad luck.  As such you can rest assured that It’s Not Your Fault!  When you really consider the things that are beyond your control, you should be able to draw this conclusion in almost every case.  However, many people still feel guilty, because they may feel partly to blame.  Others like the clean feeling they get after confession and receiving absolution from a member of the clergy.  Therefore, the Church of Good Luck has authorized its head pastor, Rev. Dr. Jim, to provide this service for anyone who desires it.  There are three steps in this process:

  1. Think about your sins according to the three categories above, the way it turned out, the circumstances involved and your own makeup and find at least one factor that was beyond your control.
  2. Say, either in your thoughts or out loud, these words: “IT IS NOT MY FAULT!” Repeat this three times.
  3. Send an email to Rev. Dr. Jim by using the form below. You do not need to write anything in the body of the message or provide any information about yourself or your sins.  You will receive response granting you an Absolution authorized by the Church of Good Luck.  
  4. Note:  735 ILCS 5/8-803   Your information will never be shared.

Confess to the Church Of Good Luck
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