Theology of the Church of Good Luck

In a nutshell – the Church of Good Luck believes that the Supreme God set things up to run pretty much on their own according to the laws of nature. Cause and effect are governed by these laws. Understanding the laws of nature is the realm of Science.

The reality we experience comes from a complex combination of cause and effect (governed by the laws of nature) and Luck.  We know Luck as randomness, fortune or chance.  Cause and effect is within our control to the extent we understand it and can use it to obtain the results we desire.  For example, we know that wearing seatbelts helps prevent serious injury in car crashes so we wear them.  But a crash itself may be random – the truck driver doesn’t stop for a red light and you are in his path.  Or, if you want a good job you might go to college.  But a job offer may someday come from the father of your randomly assigned college roommate.  We take control of the situation as best we can by doing what we think is right and then hope and pray for a good result.  A more detailed discussion of Luck can be found on the About Luck page.

Most of your problems are metaphysical and not governed by Science.  They are in the realm of Religion.  You might want more of some things: more love, better sex, a better job, more money.  You may want less of some things: less trouble, fewer annoying neighbors, less painful relationships.  Unfortunately, whatever you are experiencing right now does not violate the laws of nature.  It is all within the range of normal experience.  The Supreme God isn’t going to change the laws of nature just because you need something, even if you need a miracle.  Therefore, the Church of Good Luck does not look to the Supreme God for our rewards or punishments.  For the changes you desire, the Church looks to lesser Gods, such as Billiken and the Imp-O-Luck as well as established technologies such as hoodoo and lucky items

The beliefs of the Church of Good Luck are religious and theological.  Like all religious beliefs they can be neither proved nor disproved.  There are no supporting data, and no demonstrable or verifiable foundation behind them – they are strictly a matter of faith.   The Church is free of any dogma whatsoever, with the exception of number 9 below, and all members may freely choose which other beliefs to accept or reject as well as introduce their own beliefs.  Try our methods and observe the results.  If you don’t get the results you desire, try something different. 

The beliefs of the Church of Good Luck include these:

  1. A Supreme God created the Universe
  2. Our reality – that which concerns us as individuals – is a very small, inconsequential piece of the Universe
  3. The Universe, and consequently our reality, is governed by the Laws of Nature, some of which we understand to varying degrees of accuracy while others are unknown
  4. The Supreme God does not take any particular interest in our reality nor contravene the Laws of Nature in order to help or harm specific individuals
  5. Luck combines with cause and effect to shape our reality
  6. Luck is truly random and is not the result of cause and effect or “karma”.  It is Not Your Fault!
  7. You can change your Luck – for the better – using various Rituals and traditional methods
  8. Lucky charms actually work!
  9. Billiken is The God Of Things As They Ought To Be

If you’re ready to know more of the philosophy of the Church of Good Luck, we invite you to read through Rev. Jim’s Sermons and the Guest Sermons pages.