Good Luck Quote Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered the Lucky Quote Contest!  We had 15 friends and members enter, representing five countries and six US states.  There is a lot of profound thought represented in the various sayings, quotes and proverbs – please take a moment to read and reflect on them.  The entries can be seen on the Lucky Quotes page.

Everyone who entered get a prize, but it will take Rev. Jim some time to prepare all of the prizes, so please be patient.   Of course one especially lucky winner will be receiving a genuine chalkware Billiken from 1908! 

Here you can see the entries – one for each of the 15 people who sent in quotes.

My assistant looked the other way while she mixed up the entries and drew the lucky winner.  The Grand Prize Billiken looks on.

Here is the winner  -it’s Rev. Aaron J.  Congratulations Aaron!  Your entry was certainly prophetic!  The Billiken will be arriving soon.